Baby's Fascination

Baby's Fascination
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Talk to Your Doc- but actually

Imagine a mother visiting the doctor for her daughter's three month check up where she discovers that her daughter has a severe skin condition whose severity causes it to stay with the child forever. That mother was mine. Ever since I was three months old, I've had a severe case of Eczema that my mother has tried to eliminate with treatment after treatment- from Homeopathic care, to topical and oral steroids. Through this condition, I have grown extremely close to medicine and the power that it has on changing people's lives.

Many people don't understand the effect skin conditions have on children. My entire life, I've been a victim of verbal abuse about the way that I look- why my skin was so flaky, bloody... whether I could spread my condition to others. For some reason, everything that they said caused a large amount of tension because I was always self-conscious about the condition. Especially as a kid, it was hard for me to grasp everything and make sense of it, while do the proper things necessary to make my skin better.

I needed another mentor. I needed someone-besides my parents- that would keep me on the right track; I could only listen to my mother so often. A doctor, solely dedicated to my growth, success, and accomplishments was necessary for me as a secondary source of reassurance; a pediatrician, in specific, who would keep me on an important track of medicine that would better my situation and make my family's and my life easier.

My experiences with working at a Pediatrician's office, as well as a hospital for two out of the four days, with four different doctors, gave me the perspective I needed. A doctor commitment to making a child's life easier provides them with hope. My past with Eczema, in the end, has improved only through my relationship with my doctor. If I had this relationship with her from birth, I believe I would be more grounded in who I am as a person. Because of my personal experiences with Eczema, I feel more connected to children and the amount of effort they go through in trying to get better. After shadowing Pediatricians, I understand and accept the importance of child care in that it makes for a stronger identity for kids, a more hopeful future, and a broader outlook on life.

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