Baby's Fascination

Baby's Fascination
I think this speaks for itself


Time to Think on Your Feet

 I like to fill my experiences with emotion and yes, as a drama queen, exaggerate every situation, take my time analyzing it, and assess it a proper and thorough way. Boy, has this experience been one big reality check! Every appointment I shadowed, I was overwhelmed sometimes with the quickness and intense professionalism that I had to have. The doctors try their very best to see as many patients as possible, and at the same, maintain a quality of care for them. I was alarmed with the consistency that the doctors had in keeping their emotions out; although they cared for every single child dearly, moping, groaning, and dwelling on the situation would only worsen the patient's experience.

The doctor I visited today had an experience with a boy who had a fast-growing malignant tumor in his brain and was suffering breathing problems, despite all the negative tests. The doctor, who despite being this child's pediatrician for eighteen years now, had to think on his feet. There was no time to feed on the patient's worries, but instead, find a practical diagnosis and treat it. This aspect of pediatric care has connected me greatly. The fact that a doctor who has trained for years in medicine, may choke from time to time in treating patients, and continues to try his hardest in making his patient's life better brings me to want to do this so much more. Pediatric care, because it requires taking care of the young, becomes extremely difficult to diagnose especially because these doctors have kids of their own, and it's hard to keep the emotions out when treating a child. Seeing the love for their work, their dedication, and their commitment to creating better lives, I have been drawn to the work of Pediatricians because they combine, more than anymore, their love for logic and reason, with their love for the beauty and good health of a child. 

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