Baby's Fascination

Baby's Fascination
I think this speaks for itself


A Pediatrician's Influence

Throughout my seventeen years of childhood, I’ve visited the Pediatrician only about three times in my life. My family believed a family practitioner would be enough support for my growth and development. Sure, I believe I've grown very successfully as I have been surrounded by people who care, and most importantly, show that they care. That is one aspect of Pediatricians that I believe isn't very common in today's medical world.  that isn't always  that goes unnoticed. In families where there is not much effort being put into the growth of a child, a Pediatrician provides the necessary support that every child needs. With this support, the child can go on to feel strength in every other aspect of their lives- may that be education, family responsibility, and even self-discovery.
With all the serious diagnosis that goes on in today's medical world, it is important that people are reminded that there is someone there- one person- that is dedicated to making life as easy as possible for them. So far, I've been with three different doctors. Every doctor I've shadowed has had patients who have been diagnosed with serious life-threatening conditions; some have been diagnosed with conditions like Medulloblastoma (causing large brain tumors), or Digeorge's Syndrome, pneumonia, or even simple ear infections. The thing that sets pediatricians apart from the rest is the obvious care they show, every step of the way. This care gives the child a source of hope and reassurance. With this hope, the child can leave the doctor's hope with a strong feeling that he or she will live a life like every other child and will have the opportunity to be successful. 
Good health care by well-trained, empathetic, and hard-working doctors who love their job provides a powerful source of growth for a child. With this care, a child can go on in the mindset that he or she has the ability to accomplish anything in life. Strenth in health allows for strength in school because a stronger mind promotes more learning. In the same way, strenth in health also allows for strength in family relations because the pediatricians make sure that parents are a constant aspect of the child's life. Overall, proper pediatric health care motivates children to be who they are, despite their differences, and strive to do what desire in their lives. These past few days, I've learned that proper pediatric health care goes far beyond the realm of simple health care in that it encompasses every aspect of a child's life. 

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